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Products > Spectral graphite rod > > Spectral analysis of graphite electrode/rod(6*320mm)
Product name : Spectral analysis of graphite electrode/rod(6*320mm)
Item : 2019528183418
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Manufacturing process:

   The Spectral analysis of graphite electrode is selected as raw material through calcining, grinding, batching, mixing, molding, baking, impregnating, and graphite. During the preparation process: (1) select high-quality low-ash petroleum coke as raw material, and ash content control is 0.5%. (2) because the diameter of the graphite electrode is relatively small, it is easy to deform in the process of pressing, and the shaping needs to be cut, straightened and refined. (3) the electrode of high temperature purification shall be packed immediately to avoid exposure to pollution in the air.



   The Spectral analysis of graphite electrodehas the electrical conductivity, uniform uniformity, thermal shock resistance, high purity, reproducibility and machinability.

   The graphite electrode should be very pure and not contain any impurities that are harmful to the analysis of particle size. The spectrum of the spectrum pure electrode is within the range of 2000 ~ 3500, only the very weak lines of the following elements are allowed: boron, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, without the spectral lines of his elements.

Application area:

   The Spectral analysis of graphite electrode is a special graphite electrode used for spectral analysis. Spectral chemical analysis is the test of emission spectra in visible light, ultraviolet light and extremely close to infrared region. Each element has a distinct distinction on the spectrum. The number of spectral lines for each element varies, there are only a few alkali metals, there are thousands of transition elements. The spectral line intensity can determine the content of the elements according to the wavelength of the spectral line.


   The Spectral analysis of Graphite electrodes are usually made of graphite materials. Graphite can be used for spectrochemical analysis of all elements other than carbon elements. Carbon arc plasma in 5000 ℃ above, at this point, all the compounds known are dissociated, the various elements are also stimulated to produce a variety of special spectra. According to the wavelength of the spectral line, the existence of each element was identified, the intensity of the characteristic spectrum of each element was determined, and the content of the element was determined.

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